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Las Vegas Golf Tips & Links

BK's Golf Services is here to make sure that your trip is ideal in every aspect. Enhance your golf experience by taking some of our Las Vegas golf tips and resources into consideration.

Golf Course Tip


A Golfers stance is the foundation of their swing. Proper stance width is critical for balance, stability, weight shifts, and turns. A narrow stance will result in instability and poor balance causing the body to sway laterally, shifting the weight to the outside of the feet. Going too wide will decrease the body’s ability to turn and pivot in both the backswing and the downswing. Teaching proper stance comes from three key concepts:

  1. Position the ball approximately 3” (about a club head width) INSIDE your lead heel for all clubs except the driver, which is played more forward on the inside heel.
  2. Your stance width will be progressively narrower as your club shortens. Leave the lead foot stationary and only move the trailing foot to narrow the stance.
  3. With Wedges, the OUTSIDE of your heels should be shoulder width apart. With a Driver, the INSIDE of your heels should be shoulder width apart.

Putting Tip

Harry Vardon once called putting, "The game within the game," understanding the fact that it is a skill unto itself, using special techniques and talents that are unlike any other facet of the game. The ability to make short putts in particular, is largely mental - the fear of missing causes most of the misses. By developing a clear mental picture of the perfect putt, taking practice strokes to help establish a positive attitude and rehearsing of the stroke you plan to make, putters can avoid these mental errors. Most putters have a sight line or a guide etched in the back of the club head. Use this as a guide to draw a straight path, back along your target line when making your practice backstrokes and ultimately when you pull the trigger. Keep the putter head low to the putting surface as you follow through, keeping the face square and on the established target line. Keep your head straight and down while keeping your eyes along the target line. These techniques combined with the positive mental outlook will result in more short putts holed.

Restaurant Tip

3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South,
Las Vegas, NV 89158

Nothing compliments some Las Vegas golf like some fine cuisine. For travelers around the world, Spain is on either the itinerary or the bucket list. Thousands of years of culture, architecture and beauty to explore make Spain a hot destination. But no facet of Spain draws visitors more so than the food and wine. Within the Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino sits a restaurant called Jaleo. Every dish sampled at this traditional Tapas-style restaurant was spectacular, making the taste buds burst with excitement. Jaleo's wine experts can recommend not only a bottle but a region you may enjoy. Try a bottle from the Priorat region. We promise you won't be sorry. All of the items are unique and new to the palate. We are happy to recommend the Ensalada de bogavante con citricos y escarole or Maine lobster salad with citrus and frisee, and the Huevo frito con cavier or fried organic egg with caviar.

We often receive inquiries regarding giving BK’s Golf Services a gratuity for our assistance during one’s stay in Las Vegas. While we never request or expect this, we greatly appreciate the consideration and we will soon be able to provide an opportunity to do so if one is so inclined.

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